We’re excited to welcome you back to Aura.

We’ve enhanced our already rigorous cleaning standards to minimize transmission risks associated with COVID-19. On your next visit, you’ll clearly see some of the changes we’ve made to protect our guests and team; while other changes, you can rest assured,
are taking place behind the scenes.

1st level: Elimination

  • Aura’s occupancy limit is 44 indoors, 6 in the Inlet Room, 8 (at separate tables) in the Cove Room, and 26 seats on the patio
  • The waiting area has been removed and floor decals are in place to space arriving parties inside Aura, and outside if they are waiting to come in
  • Tables and chairs have been spaced to allow for physical distancing
  • Tables are bare upon arrival and all service items will be brought after the orders have been taken
  • Paper menus will be discarded after each use; menus that are laminated will be disinfected after each use. We will have more than enough for a service so that we can reduce the pressure on needing to cycle menus back to the host stand, and disinfect menus in batches as opposed to a few at a time
  • Where possible, team will work in cohorts as we are unable to work remotely. Should there be a sick call every effort to fill the shift with the same alternate will be made
  • Managers when finished their floor duties will complete their admin work from home, where possible
  • We will stagger scheduled start times and breaks to ensure that the staff room and change rooms are not over capacity. Additional change rooms and meal space have been created in to ease compression on these spaces
  • Where possible, we have assigned work stations in Aura so that servers are not using the same equipment. Each person has a primary duty which we can limit overlap on, and when there is overlap there is a sanitizing and disinfecting protocol in place to accommodate that shared space
  • There are protocols in place preventing lingering outside your department or for other staff to be accessing Aura’s workspace
    • Requisitions will be used for kitchen needs
    • Use of pagers will be mandatory for food pickup, servers will not access the kitchen unless called

2nd level; Barriers & Partitions

  • There are barriers installed at the host stand and at the bar, and those spaces will be cleaned regularly (every 30 minutes)
    • The host stand barrier is attached to the surface of the host stand and secured to the ceiling. It is made from tempered glass and visibility is not impaired for in-coming or out-going guests or staff
    • The barrier at the bar is installed at the busiest point of the bar to separate the area where dirty glassware is dropped off and where drinks are picked up. There are no risks associated with the placement of this tempered glass
    • Tempered glass will not scratch or fog with frequent cleaning so will not become a hazard over time

3rd level: Rules & Guidelines

  • We have created walkway systems for staff and guests to move through the restaurant
  • We have motion sensors to open doors to the kitchen, and there are doors for going each direction
  • Staff have been trained on how to move through our spaces and we will continue to redirect each other in the event that we fall into old habits
  • There are directional markers on the floor in Aura for both staff and guests


4th level: PPE

  • Service staff will be encroaching on physical distancing with guests and so will wear masks
    • Staff have the potential to be within 2m of other staff when completing job duties so will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the restaurant
  • Staff will also wear gloves for specific tasks such as removing dirty dishes or polishing a load of glassware or cutlery, and then complete proper glove removal and handwashing once done


Cleaning protocols

  • We have 5 handwashing stations available for Aura staff: 2 in Aura, 1 in In Room Dining and 2 in the kitchen on the service side of the line
  • Staff are responsible to clean and disinfect tables and service ware, and have been trained on how to use cleaning products safely
    • We use Ecolab Neutral Disinfectant for tables, chairs, bar tops, service counters and the host stand
    • We use Ecolab Neutral Disinfectant on POS terminals, the iPad (reservations system) and tempered glass barriers
    • We use Ecolab Neutral Disinfectant on the host stand phone, handheld Moneris terminals, and cupboard and drawer pulls
    • Moneris terminals also have a plastic cover so that hard to clean buttons are not exposed. These covers will be replaced if they become cracked or in poor repair
    • All food prep areas are disinfected with Ecolab Neutral Disinfectant, rinsed with clean water then sanitized with Oasis Multi-Quat Liquid Sanitizer
  • Our Housekeeping department vacuums Aura prior to opening hours. The carpets are also steam cleaned on a regular basis
  • This safety plan was created in conjunction with our Joint Occupational Health & Safety representatives, and with feedback from the food and beverage leaders and staff.