Aura is back and better than ever with Happy Hour,  Tasting Tuesdays and Sparkling Sundays (we sure do like alliterations!). 

Thrilled to be back, we’ve put Restaurant Chef Austin Lu and Sommelier Frances von Aesch to the test to come up with exciting food and drink pairings every Tuesday. Of course, they didn’t bat an eye and will roll out flights of unique wines, spirits or beers and a small bite to complement every week.

See how B.C. rosé stands up to those of Provence.  Is Pinot Gris B.C.’s grape? You be the judge with a unique flight of wines from the Okanagan.  Do you love Pinot Noir?  Want to taste three very different examples all from B.C.? At just $22.00 for a flight of 3 wines plus a bite – you can’t go wrong on Tasting Tuesdays in Aura.


The mellow vibe of Sundays often lends itself to bubbles. We have some fantastic sparkling wine tucked away in Aura and every Sunday we’ll pop* something open and offer it by the glass.  *Of course we won’t pop it, pop it – we’re experienced pros 😉

Did you know that Cava is made in the Methode Traditionnelle or Champagne style?  We have an excellent example from Giró Ribot, an organic producer from the Penedès region in Spain.   To kick off our first Sparkling Sunday sip a glass (or two) for $9.00.  Champagne style wine without the champagne price!


Happy Hour+ Join us for Happy Hour Daily from 3:30pm to 5pm. Yeah we know it’s not exactly 60 minutes but who doesn’t need a little extra happy and more time on the patio?  With daily food and drink specials, your stay-cation will feel like a real getaway.  Starting July 12, our patio is your patio!


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