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Our Team

Just as passionate about creating remarkable dishes and drinks as they are about providing exceptional service, Aura’s talented team pairs every dining experience with the principles of environmental stewardship, diversity, and daily doses of health and happiness. Our award-winning chefs and servers are ready to tickle your taste buds!

Restaurant Chef
Gabe Fayerman-Hansen

“[Gardening] and producing fresh ingredients to play around with has always inspired me and the food I enjoy cooking.”

Growing up in a food-focused family with a restaurateur for a father, Gabe Fayerman-Hansen saw glimpses into the world of fine dining during his Prairie childhood. With an extensive history at some of Victoria’s finest establishments, Gabe focuses on bringing in elements of global cuisines to a shareable format at Aura. His lifelong passion for gardening and food production encourages a hyperlocal procurement strategy that always seeks the freshest, most flavourful ingredients to centre recipes around. Getting inspiration from the team’s cultural heritage and diverse backgrounds fosters the invention of delicious dishes that balance sustainability, technique, complexity, and flavour with the joy of cooking.

Gabriel Fayerman-Hansen Restaurant Chef Aura Restaurant
Sean Bossenberry Bar Supervisor Manager Aura Restaurant 1
Sean Bossenberry Manager Aura Restaurant

Bar Supervisor
Sean Bossenberry

“A lot of my passion comes from seeing the reactions of people trying new items on the menu.”

Sean Bossenberry has been a bartender for over a decade, bringing a love for hand-crafted cocktails and perfect pairings to his role at Aura. The independent nature of the bar and restaurant provide the freedom to innovate using local ingredients and unique twists on classic recipes. This gives Sean the unwavering belief in endless possibilities, which means you’ll find things like charcoal agave ice cubes and shiitake mushroom-infused olive juice in his creations. Whether looking for a fresh take on something old, a new sip of something unexpected, or simply a glass of something white, red, or crafty, Aura’s dedicated beverage team is ready to wet your whistle.

Executive Chef
Ken Nakano

“My Mother taught me how to love each season and to cook within them.”

Chef Ken Nakano grew up foraging for nature’s ingredients with his family and tending to a backyard garden that provided flavourful nourishment throughout the year. After time away from Victoria, Chef brings his extensive experience to a freshly renovated kitchen and restaurant, joining Aura’s passionate team of culinary professionals at the heart of the hotel. He is excited to reconnect with Vancouver Island’s incredible food community, discovering new products from local farmers, fishers, and producers and sourcing the best ingredients this region has to offer for Aura’s dishes.

Ken Nakano Executive Chef Inn at Laurel Point

Restaurant Manager
Katie Alva

“Food is connection for me, connection to family and friends, to nature and the environment.”

Much of Katie Alva’s life has been lived around food, with an Italian chef for a father and a mother who supported her early interest in “playing restaurant.” Through enjoying fine dining with family, then relishing in the quiet observation that a solo experience can provide, Katie saw first-hand the connection that food, restaurants, and the teams behind them can create. After decades of working in kitchens and behind bars, she brings a high level of kindness, empathy, and creative thinking to her leadership role at Aura. Katie’s goal is to inspire the next generation of hospitality staff by demonstrating that this work can be both fulfilling and sustainable, encouraging a practice of open-minded collaboration and grace to foster an inclusive environment.

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