Food and Beverage Assistant Wade Boettcher

What was your first job in hospitality? I was as a food runner at the Banff Springs Hotel. I'll never forget how busy it was and how far we would have to walk; that being said our team bonded together amazingly and we all had an unforgettable summer that I will always remember fondly.

What inspires you most in your job? How our team comes together to execute large events like weddings or plated dinners and watching everything come together and unfold throughout the night.

What is a work habit that you take home with you? I love glassware that sparkles - needless to say, I polish our glassware like I do at work.

What is your most memorable food or wine experience? I was lucky enough to tour around Germany eating and drinking my way through all the very charming Christmas Markets. I will always have fond memories of these and remember all the food and beverages vividly.