Chef Takashi Ito

Executive Chef Takashi Ito, c.c.c

What is your favourite ingredient? Soy sauce!! I can’t live without it.

What would you eat and drink as your last meal? Sautéed foie gras with poached Okanagan peach and Sauterne as the first course; Australian rack of lamb with rosemary and Dijon mustard, with St. Emilion as the main course; finished with kabocha and rum mousse, almond Mont Blanc and ice wine. And two portions of each please. One for here, the other to go.

What is your most treasured possession? Imagination.

What is your secret fast food indulgence? Either the Chinese food court at T&T in Richmond or Cheezies!

What is the most unusual ingredient you’ve ever cooked with? Grasshoppers!