Kimberley Vy

Pastry Chef Kimberley Vy

What is your favourite ingredient? Cocoa nibs, I like using them in a lot of my baked goods and desserts. They give a nice coffee flavour and crunch that can really bring my other ingredients or components together.

What would you eat and drink as your last meal? Any home cooked dish prepared by my mom with a glass of bourbon neat.

What is your most treasured possession? My hands and my mind, they provide me the ability to do what I love every day.

What is your secret fast food indulgence? Korean style fried chicken or anything that is fried chicken related…. FRIED CHICKEN IS LIIIIFE! (hahaha). It’s a pretty universal dish and every country has their own version or style of preparing it. It’s also really good to eat with friends while drinking beer.

What is the most unusual ingredient you’ve ever cooked with? Mantis shrimp, they’re a type of shellfish and they’re definitely one of the creepiest looking ingredients I have ever come across.