Kimberley Vy pastry Chef Aura Restaurant

Pastry Chef Kimberley Vy

What was your first job in hospitality? My first food service job ever was at my hometown KFC. My job was to trim, prep and marinate the pieces of chicken before breading and frying. It was one of the most fun and most fast paced jobs I’ve ever worked. We slung a lot of chicken.

What inspires you most in your job? Working with my team. Everyone is really talented and creative. We all bring a different piece of the puzzle to provide an innovative experience to guests. It’s really inspiring to work with like-minded people.

What is a work habit that you take home with you? Working in a very clean and organized manner, little details must be perfect, I’m pretty sure it drives my partner nuts.

What is your most memorable food or wine experience? Making Bánh Tét with my grandma as a little kid. It’s a traditional Vietnamese rice cake made with glutinous rice, mung bean, pork and duck yolks, wrapped in banana leaves and boiled. I remember watching her wrap each one so carefully and stuffing the rice and fillings so efficiently. I would help her tie and cut the ribbon around the banana leaf and it usually took us a whole afternoon since she would make them in batches. Once they were boiled she would cut them open and fry the rice cakes until they were crispy and golden. No one else could get them as crispy as hers, they were the best for sure!