Janis Goard

Director of Food & Beverage Janis Goard

What is your favourite ingredient? Just one? Is wine an ingredient?
I love food. I love cheese, I love charcuterie, I love fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy… The only thing I don’t really like is milk. Unless it’s warm. Then I like milk too.

What would you eat and drink as your last meal? Duck with lentils, bacon, chanterelles and a big glass of pinot noir. Old world pinot, nice and funky. Mmmmm, duck & pinot … Can I have my last meal tonight please?

What is your most treasured possession? Oh boy. I mean, it’s just STUFF, right? I guess my wine collection, and the anticipation of drinking it to celebrate something alongside a great meal with good friends and family.

What is your secret fast food indulgence? Barbara’s jalapeno cheese puffs.

What is your favourite cocktail? I like a good French 75 or whisky sour, but really I’d take wine or a local craft beer over a cocktail most days.

(Is it wrong that wine was in pretty much all my answers?)