Janis Goard Director of Food and Beverage Aura Restaurant

Director of Food and Beverage, Sommelier Janis Goard

What was your first job in hospitality? I worked at Dairy Queen in Parksville when I was 14. We had just moved to Parksville from the Okanagan, and I was home from boarding school over summer so wanted to work somewhere I would meet other people my age. It was during the Sandcastle Competition which as it turns out is VERY busy (and DQ is very close to where the competition takes place).

What inspires you most in your job? My team. The synergy we have when we are busy, the heart that goes into doing the smallest things for our guests and for each other.

What is a work habit that you take home with you? I serve and clear plates at home the same way I do at work.

What is your most memorable food or wine experience? Opening a very old bottle of wine from someone’s personal cellar and having to strain it through a coffee filter because the cork turned to dust when we tried to remove it. It looked like rust and tasted like pure joy.