Restaurant Manager Frances von Aesch

What was your first job in hospitality? My first job was at a Husky Truck Stop in Pincher Creek Alberta. I was a skinny little kid of 13, I’m not sure how I even passed the interview. My first boss was so mean, but I learned so many good serving habits from her. Never leave your section empty handed!

What inspires you most in your job? The feeling of connection with customers and staff. Like when someone is blown away with a food and wine pairing you suggested. Or you hear a colleague confidently talking about the wine they just learned about. Or how we all manage to still like each other at the end of the day, even after a stressful busy shift.

What is a work habit that you take home with you? Glass level pours. Even when I know that I will want more I simply cannot fill a glass more than a third full. I curse myself for this every time I have to get up off the couch for a refill.

What is your most memorable food or wine experience? A really grassy, sharp Sauvignon Blanc from Northern Italy paired with fresh local asparagus served in sage brown butter. The funny thing is I am not crazy about asparagus, and Sauvignon Blanc is not usually my favorite wine. But these two were so perfect together, the combination became something else altogether. When that happens you never forget it.